Who Makes a Better Candidate for Custom Lasik Rather Than Traditional?

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Standard vs custom LASIK or LASEK

i would agree that these days, everyone should get custom or WaveFront or CustomVue treatments, rather than standard, which we call low-def

in the beginning, the software wasn't as good, so there would be patients who would actually do better having a standard vs a custom laser ablation

now, only very special cases, which are not really the patients on this forum (eg patients who have cataract surgery and have a multifocal IOL inserted and then need a touchup for having not the perfect prescription in them)

i also prefer a true wavefront platform, like VISX, over "wavefront-optimized" like Allegretto in most cases

New York Ophthalmologist
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Custom LASIK vs Traditional

Custom LASIK enables the procedure to be tailored to the unique characteristics of your eyes.  For low to moderate nearsightedness, 98% of individuals achieve 20/20 or better vision.  More people report improved vision at night time following custom LASIK.  For these reasons, traditional LASIK is used less by surgeons today. 

Sandy Feldman, MD
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Custom vs Traditional LASIK

I really feel this is a question who's time has passed. In light of the fantastic lasers available today there is really no clinically beneficial reason  to do "traditional" Lasik. In my opinion, the only one single reason to opt for traditional vs custom Laser Vision Correction(PRK or LASIK) is to save money. Also, in my opinion, when you make this decision, you are really opting for the use of 2004 technology when 2011 technology(custom) is available and gives better results. So, why would anyone do that? Obviously, I do 100% Customized Laser Vision Correction and recommend that to all patients.

Anthony J. Kameen, MD
Baltimore Ophthalmologist
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