Am I Candiate for a Brazilian Butt Lift? (photo)

I'm considering a bbl, I'm 18 years old but I'm wanting to get the procedure when I turn 19 in April 2012.I weight 113lbs and I'm 5'2,but I'm going 2 try 2 gain 10 lbs so I can have more fat.I have a boxy shape and i want it 2 b more hourglass. For some odd reason all my weight goes 2 my stomach so I look prego.I really dont want a big booty I just want a plump/perky booty.I also was wondering if i could get fat injected n my hips,my hips are narrow & i want them 2b round. Thanks

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Brazilian butt lift am I to thin

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I think the Brazilian butt lift is a great surgery for you and will make a profound change in your shape. Remember the Brazilian butt lift is a liposuction and fat injection. I think the liposuction as a cake and the fat injection as icing. The liposuction probably pays the most important role in the procedure because if you can produce a narrow waist and hips automatically look better. You automatically have more curves.

I have done patients who are thin like you in the past and they've had great results you've created a curve figure in a patient who was boxy. You don't have to have so much fat to make a change in the hips and buttocks. And remember in a smaller person you need less fat to get the same change as you would in a large person. Just like breast implants a small person may have a 300 mL implant and end up as a C cup were a larger person might need a 500 mL implant to be a C cup.

Don't try to gain weight thinking you get improvement in surgery you won't. All you do is stretchy skin and damage your health. The reason why gaining weight doesn't work is because fat cells don't replicate so if you gain weight you transfer the same number of fat cells but they'll just be fatter. in when you return to your normal weight your buttocks will be exactly the same size it would have been if you didn't gain weight before surgery.

This procedure can work for you. Try to look at before and after photos of thin patients to make sure your doctor can get the results that you want.

Miami Plastic Surgeon
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Am I a good candidate for Brazilian butt augmentation?

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Brazilian butt lift can certainly change the shape of your lower back and buttocks, creating a more hourglass shape, but it can only address fat. If you have almost no fat and just a trim, boxy build, then the results can be less dramatic. Weight gain before the procedure will definitely help. 

Dana Goldberg, MD
Jupiter Plastic Surgeon
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Candidate for a Brazilian Butt Lift?

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Assuming you understand the operation, its risks, limitations,recovery and have no undisclosed medical or emotional issues there is no reason why should not have a Brazilian Butt Lift.

Peter A. Aldea, MD
Memphis Plastic Surgeon

18 year old BBL

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Overall you're a great candidate.  Put on the extra ten lbs and you'll be an even better candidate.Your goals are realistic and the reshaping isn't difficult considering your frame and overall buttock/gluteus shape.  Come on in to the office for a consultation.  We'll review in detail your expected outcome.  As we review previous Dallas patients you'll see what I mean but the 20 year old population (young and healthy) have the best outcomes for this operation.  Hope to see you soon!




Ricardo A. Meade, MD
Dallas Plastic Surgeon
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Brazilian Butt Lift - Am I a candidate?

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From your photos it would appear that you would be a great candidate for a  BBL.
Candidates for Buttock Augmentation, such as a Brazilian Butt lift surgery desire an enhancement in the buttock area to offer a more balanced, defined or shapelier contour to the body.   There appears to be two different groups of patients seeking the procedure. One group of patients is younger and has goals of transforming their bodies into more curvaceous figures, like popular Hollywood stars, J. Lo or Beyonce Knowles. The other group of patients is women that have aged and would like to restore a more youthful backside with buttock fullness to replace now sagging areas.

As long as your weight is stable, which I would define as plus or minus five pounds from your current weight over the past few years, you would be a reasonable candidate for a Brazilian Butt lift fat transfer procedure
Most patients don't realize that only about 20-25% of fat removed is suitable for fat transfer. Also, not all of the fat that is transferred not all survives. Realistic expectations are important for best out come and satisfied patients. For some patients, more than one fat transfer procedure is required to obtain the size they want because injecting too much fat at one time has diminishing returns as less fat survives than if less is injected

Brazilian Butt Lift

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The Brazilian Butt Lift (a cute name for liposuction and fat transfer) requires an ample amount of fat. You appear relatively thin and I do not suggest gaining weight as it promotes an unhealthy lifestyle. Your health should come first. Besides, once you gain wait and the fat is transfered to your buttocks, the fat will hopefully survive and so if you then lose weight your buttocks will become smaller. So you must continue to be fat in order to maintain the shape. I do not suggest it. You look fine the way you are.

Candidates for Brazilian Butt Lifts

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You are not an appropriate candidate for a Brazilian Butt Lift.  Your body does not have enough fat for transfer.  I do not like asking patients to gain weight to have an elective procedure performed.  It lends to unhealthy habits to gain weight.  You are okay the way you are.

Dr. ES

Am I a candidate for the Brazilian Butt Lift?

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While the ultimate answer in deciding whether or not a patient is a candidate for the BBL from the photos it appears that you would benefit from the procedure. if you gain 10 pounds that would provide you with even more donor fat. I agree that you have a boxy, square like buttock appaerance  and that fat transplantation to the buttocks as well as to the hipas including liposuction of the abdoemn and the waist would go a long way in trying to get you an hour-glass appearnce. Good luck!

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