Candela Alextrivantage Laser Tattoo Removal Not Working. Alternatives?

I am having a large portion of my back tattoo removed, about 1/4 of my entire back mostly black ink. I have undergone 4 treatments and have had no improvement in the fading of my tattoo. I have noticed small pimple like spots over the treated area that does not pop nor go away. Is this normal? Why haven't I seen results yet? I had used the candela atv laser is that not good/strong enough? Any answers would be helpful

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Lutronic Spectra Laser is best tattoo removal laser

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You should see improvement after 4 treatments.  Laser settings may be too low.  I think the Lutronic Spectra VRM q-switched 1064 laser is best (and most powerful) tattoo removal laser.  Look for a board certified Dermatologist with this laser.  Good luck.

Las Vegas Dermatologist
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Candela Laser Tattoo Removal Not Working?Why?

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There should be some response after 4 treatments esp for a black tattoo.  I believe there are more effective tattoo lasers for black ink such as the Qs Yag 1064 so you might see someone with a Qs Yag laser.  Other ways to remove resistant tattoos is to retreat several times at the same setting or using a fractionated resurfacing laser before using the tattoo removal laser.  For this you would need to see a dermatologist who is experienced in tattoo removal.

Gary Palmer, MD
Cincinnati Dermatologic Surgeon

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