I'm having a tough time deciding! Two of the best PS in my area and two different recommendations. What would you do? (photo)

Dr A recommends moving the fold on my left side and to use anatomical shape, he will put in drains and requires overnight stay. Dr B wants to use round, 375cc, no drains or overnight stay, and says no need to move the fold. I want to achieve a mostly natural look and my closest friend (400cc high profile round) says that there are many risks of the implant moving with an anatomical shape. And I don't think her implants look unnatural at all. I'm so torn!

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Breast augmentation options

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hello. There is no right answer. Both options would work. We tend to use round inplants in our practice and rarely need drains of overnite stay so more like option b for you.  Good luck. D

Tough choice

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Hi there,

My vote would be with Dr A.

Your fold on the left does appear to be slightly higher, by lowering the fold it will ensure that your  upper poles remain symmetric with the implants.

With implants of the size you are considering,  in combination  with the limited amount of soft tissue you have I think an anatomic implant would be more likely to give you a natural appearance. Of course this needs to be balanced with the risk of rotation, but that is generally quite low.

My personal approach is not to use drains, nor to stay over night. 

Best wishes


Two of the best PS in my area and two different recommendations. What would you do?

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An anatomical implant will give you a more natural appearance. You oculd go with either options however it depends on your final goal. 


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Hello there 
Anatomical implants are more likely to give you a natural result and despite what your friend thinks the risk of rotation of an anatomical implant is less than 1%.
I think you could get a nice result with either anatomical or round but I think the anatomical would give you a more attractive shape .

I don't use drains and surgery is done as a day patient but we all do things a little differently .

There are many ways to get a nice result .

Good luck 

Terrence Scamp, MBBS, FRACS
Gold Coast Plastic Surgeon

Implants and Surgeons

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There is no correct or wrong choice here, this will depend on the experience of each surgeon, I agree more with Dr. B because I think the same as he, but you will find hundred of Plastic surgeon that will prefer Dr. A choice. 

Best of Luck, 

Pick Dr B

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Crease manipulation increases the chance for double bubble deformity and , here in the US, the overwhelming majority of primary breast augmentations are done safely as outpatient procedures without drains. Hope this helps, good luck!

Marcel Daniels, MD
Long Beach Plastic Surgeon

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Hi. It is difficult to compare with your friend. Either will give a good result. As a general rule if you want a natural result then for an equivalent volume an anatomical will give a more natural result than round. Similarly under the muscle disguises the upper pole. I think you would be fine with round. 
Regards Damien


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This is a common problem in plastic surgery.  Many different options can get you a good result.  One thing that strikes me as very odd is the use of drains and requiring an overnight stay for a simple augmentation.  I would ask more questions about this as these are not normal protocols for most experienced plastic surgeons.  Hope that helps some. Dr. K

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