6 months post-op. Sub muscular. My breasts seem to have dropped alot. There is now a crease under my breasts? (Photos)

So when i went in for ba, i had hoped my breasts would sit up and be full on my chest. However, i feel that the implants themselves have dropped low, arent tight and feel as though theyre just hanging in the base of my breasts. When i look at photos of other surgeries, the implants seem to sit up more. I was a c cup before op. Now an f cup. What do you think? Surgeon is interstate so going for a consult is difficult. Thank you

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Post Op Breast Augmentation Expectations

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Thanks for your question, but you seem to have a very nice result.  Any asymmetry present now was most assuredly there pre-operatively.  I think you should enjoy your result and not think about any type of revision with this outcome.  Good luck to you.

6 months post-op. Sub muscular. My breasts seem to have dropped alot. There is now a crease under my breasts?

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Thank you for your question.  It is normal to have a crease or fold the knee cure breast.  Her result looks quite good and I assume the asymmetry was present preoperatively..  Based on your photographs I do not see anything that would require revision.

Breast Implants Dropped

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Your result looks well within the spectrum of normal. Breast implants sit high initially and then drop over the 6-12 months after breast augmentation. How your breasts look after breast augmentation is dictated by how they looked before your augmentation. If you had some sagging or asymmetry below, sagging and asymmetry will be present after. You can't compare your result to othe photos as you don't know when in the postoperative period the photos were taken. You could be comparing your 6-month result to a 2-month result. Also, breasts are as unique as we are as individuals. Finally, gravity is taking a toll on your breasts as soon surgery is completed. The bigger they are, the harder and faster they fall!

Post op breast implant surgery

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Hi. You appear to have a very pleasing result - there is some asymmetry which was almost certainly there pre-operatively, but for the rest, I can see little wrong with the result. Perhaps email your surgeon with your concerns so that he / she is aware.

Breast Implant Position

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Thank you for your question and photos. With breast implant placement you essentially enlarge what you already have. The position of your breasts and implant relative to your nipple appears normal. If your implants dropped too low or bottomed out you would see nipples sitting oddly high on the breast mound. Let your Plastic Surgeon know if you have ongoing concerns.
All the best

Good result

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Looks like you have a good result.  The implants look to be sitting in an appropriate postion relative to your nipples.  Your pre op appearance is the biggest determining factor of what you will look like post op.  Best Regards.


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This looks like a perfectly good outcome.  You cannot compare the outcomes you see on other people.  It is not possible to design your outcome.  It is based on your preop anatomy.

6 months post-op

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Seeing you pre op pictures would be helpful in assessing your postop result. Implants tend to sit high on the chest early on after surgery, then drop down as the swelling subsides. Your results appear to be within normal limits.

Normal shape

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Your shape of your breast appears to be normal and most likely could be expected from your pre operative photos.  Results with implants siting higher are generally on patients with minimal breast tissue.Best Wishes,Nana Mizuguchi, MD

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