Can Anything Be Done About a Triangle Shaped Gap Between Front Teeth (Tooth Shape, Not Black Triangle)?

I am supposed to get my braces off in 6-9 weeks. But something REALLY bothers me. It's the triangle shaped gap between my front teeth. It is very noticeable and will honestly make me self conscious to smile. When I smile you only see the gap, you don't see that the teeth touch at the top half, so it looks like I have a full gap. The pictures are from a couple months ago. My bite is lined up, but the gap is still the same. Can anything be done about it?

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Can a Triangle Shaped Gap Between My Front Teeth Be Fixed?

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The answer to your question is YES. There are two ways to fix it. One way is by filling in the gap with composite restorations. The only other way to fix it is to alter the shape of your teeth. You must create a more broad and flat contact between the two front teeth. This will allow the two front teeth to be moved closer together where the "triangle shaped gap" is, thus eliminating the gap.

Good luck!

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