Sizing Question W/ Pics and Measurements? (photo)

I am having gels placed under the muscle, periareolar incision. PS suggested 300cc based on the photo I brought with me. Now I want to go bigger. My measurements are: around ribcage under breasts 29”, around fullest part of breast 33” waist 27”, hips 34”,bra size 32B or 34B, collar bone to nipple 9.5”L and 9.5”R, bw 13.5”L, 13.5”R. I am 5’1” and 112 lbs. Will going to 350cc be enough of a difference ? (PS said after he had the implant in he would decide if I needed a crescent lift or not.)

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Breast augmentation and breast lift are  the predominant operations I perform in my practice.  Under no circumstance should you have a crescent lift.  It will not raise your nipples.  All it will do is stretch out your areola.  As far as sizing, I believe the most accurate way for your surgeon to pick the best implant for you is to use external sizers preoperatively.  The Mentor company provides themt.  Go to to learn more about them.  Breast width is important, but not an absolute number.  Multiple implant volumes can be placed within a particular breast width.  Good luck

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Implant size

You have a fair amount of your own breast tissue compared to many women seeking breast augmentation, so you can get by with a conservative implant size.  350 cc implants will make you a large C cup and would give you a nice result.  I disagree with doing a crescent mastopexy.  You do not need it, in my opinion.

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Picking the right implant size

It is difficult to determine the right size for you based on pictures. My advice is to try sizers prior to your procedure to make sure the size fits your goals. Best wishes!


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Breast implant size

Thank you for the pictures.  I think with the amount of breast tissue you have that either a 300 or a 350cc implant is reasonable.  The difference is only 10-15% more volume between the two sizes and the decision should be based on your goals.  I would recommend returning to your PS and trying on both size implants again to make sure you are 100% happy with your choice.  I hope this helps you.

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Sizing Question W/ Pics and Measurements?

Thanks for posting great photos, wish other could be so exact. Yes I see no issue with the 350 cc UHP implants in my opinion. 

Implant choices

It would have been nice to have seen a frontal view.  I personally like to do my own measurements because they may be different than what you described. 300 cc implant may add a cup to a cup and half increase in size.

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From your description and your picture its sounds like you are heading toward the right size. In our practice we tell our patient that 200-225cc is about one cup size. The size you are saying 350 would taks you to a nice full C cup or to possible small D cup. Sizing has a lot to do with your body proportion.




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Sizing Volume and #BreastAugmenation

From your photos, it is a modest augmentation considering your current volume. I would not worry about the volume as you have no idea what a specific volume will look like in your body. Trust your surgeon to meet your goals and make sure you have adequate communication. And, although difficult to tell, I would consider a lift in your situation.

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Sizing Question

Your new goal photo does look larger than the prior one, so a larger implant would be in order. The key measurement is the breast width, which I don't see here. It is usually between 10 and 12 cm, or 4-5 inches. 

I would have another visit with your surgeon, and try on implants to get an approximation of the size you want. Your surgeon can select the appropriate implant size and profile with this input from you.

Thanks, and best wishes. 

The Choice of Breast Implants- Art or Science?

You are a perfect example of why it is so very difficult to size implants to a patient's satisfaction. Your photos show an excellent result for a petit woman such as yourself. Your request for a larger cup size is very common and yet it becomes complicated because you can through out almost all of the usual measurements for determining implant

size. My personal experience with revisions for size increase is that it takes an implant increase of 100ccs to effect a cup increase ( B to C for instance).That means your new implant should be in the 400cc range. This would be needed but your diameter should remain the same or only slightly wider. One way to achieve this is with a high profile implant ( same diameter more volume). I'm not sure what a "crescent lift" is, but I'm pretty sure you don't need it.

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