Revision Rhinoplasty Remove the "Fake" Tip of the Nose? (photo)

I had a rhinoplasty in 2004 to correct a big hump in my nose but unfortunatly the procedure was badly done, I was also breathing poorly, so I had to make a new one in 2010 with other surgeon to remove a small lump. The first surgeon also put me a small piece of silicone (I think is sillicone) to project the tip of the nose, which I haven't asked to put. Is it possible to remove this in a revision rhinoplasty? I also have other issues in my nose like breathing problems and a nostril's fibrosis.TY

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Revision of old implant

I do not like to use synthetic materials in the nose.  I prefer autologous (from your body) materials to revise noses such as yours.  I think removal of the implant is possible and reconstruction with diced cartilage and fascia is helpful but the tip needs an update, as well.  Discuss with your surgeon what is best for you.

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Breathing in Revision Rhinoplasty

Breathing issues must be addressed in revision rhinoplasty. These can be from a collapse of the nasal cartilages. These can be improved by placing cartilage grafts called 'spreader grafts' and it will improve the breathing. The silicone implant can be removed. Any depression in the area of the implant must be filled with healthy cartilage taken from your own nasal septum or the ear.


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Removing silicone implant during revision rhinoplasty

It is certainly possible to remove a previously placed implant during a revision rhinoplasty.  If there is in fact a silicone implant in your tip, I would recommend having it removed.  Synthetic implants will not become incorporated into your nose, and gradually thin the skin covering it as it puts pressure on it.  This can lead to extrusion through the skin, or infection.  The shape of your nose can be improved safely and effectively using your own tissue (autologous grafts).  

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Rhinoplasty revision

It is quite possible to get a revision rhinoplasty and have these things corrected.  it is a good idea to obtain medical records from your previous surgery when you go for consultation.

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Treating fake, pointy tip with revision rhinoplasty

It's hard to give much information from only seeing your base view, but it should be possible to improve the appearance of your tip while at the same time improve your nasal breathing.

From your photos I can see that your tip appears quite pointy and narrowed. Additionally, during revision surgery it would be wise to replace the silicone implant that was placed in your tip. I prefer using cartilage rather than artificial material.

Check out my web reference link below to learn more.

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Revision Tip Rhinoplasty Nasal Implant

Philip, sorry to hear about your situation. You really need to see an expert revision rhinoplasty specialist who can give you a more definitive answer. If this is a silicone implant, I would recommend removing it from this region of the nose as problems commonly arise when they are placed here. A solid game plan will need to be established in conjunction with a trained revision rhinoplasty surgeon. They can also discuss with you the possibility of achieving improvements in your nasal function. Wishing you the best of luck.

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