Post op labiaplasty; do I have a hematoma? (Photo)

I am 4 days post op labiaplasty and the swelling wasnt too bad until today. Its quite bruised and very swollen. Do I have a hematoma or does this look normal? What can I do to bring down swelling? I am worried my stitches will rip if it gets worse!

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Post op labiaplasty; do I have a hematoma?

Based on your photo is does appear that you have a more than expected amount of swelling post operatively. If you have not seen your surgeon, my best recommendation is to follow up with them as soon as possible. Icing the area in the initial phases can help with swelling as well as staying off of your feet for extended periods of time. Some physicians with treat swelling with medications so be sure to let them know of your situation. It is impossible to tell to which degree a patient will swell after surgeon so make sure you follow all post op and follow up recommendations provided by your doctor. The swelling will eventually resolve just allow your body time to heal and follow up with your surgeon for further evaluation.

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Post op labiaplasty; do I have a hematoma?

Thank you for your picture and questions. I do see from the photos that you have a significant amount of swelling and discoloration and this could be the result of a hematoma but your surgeon is best equipped to answer that question after and in-person exam. I would reach out to him or her and try to schedule an appointment. In the meantime, it would likely be helpful to elevate your pelvic area, use ice as tolerated, and limit your activity.

Best of luck!

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Discoloration & swelling clitoral hood first week post- labiaplasty/hood reduction

You've had a bilateral labial & hood reduction by V-Y Wedge, and you have some blood extravasation ("leakage") into your central hood which is not unusual during the "Frankenstein Phase". Send this photo to your surgeon and ask the same question of him/her. Just staying off your feet, elevating your pelvis/legs as often as you can, and "time" will do wonders. It will look entirely different in a week! See the link & video below... It shouldn't get worse, & it is unlikely that your stitches will "rip," but check w/ your surgeon.


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Post op labiaplasty; do I have a hematoma?

Thank you for sharing your question and photograph.  I see your area of concern and agree that you have a significant amount of swelling for a labiaplasty.  Though impossible to diagnose a lipoma without an in-person examination I would advocate a number of measures to try and reduce your swelling - pelvic elevation with pillows propped beneath your hip bones, intermittent cold compress/ice therapy, antiinflammatories, and limiting your activity.  If you start to have any other issues with the change in appearance of your tissues see your surgeon for an in-person examination.  Best wishes.  

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Swelling post op: Labiaplasty

It is impossible to be sure if you have a haematoma or not, but I think it would be prudent for you to contact your surgeon and have them assess your progress.  There certainly is significant swelling...

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You're very swollen and you have a small hematoma on the clitoral hood

See your surgeon. Too much tension can cause sutures to tear out. Swelling is minimized by lying down.

Marco A. Pelosi III, MD
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