Laser Tattoo Removal Setting?

How much should the laser be turned up each treatment with the Alex TriVantage? 1st session level 1, 2nd 1.8  — is this an effective increase for each treatment? Removal costs lots of money and the 2nd session has not faded as much, although it has only been since Oct. 27th. Thanks!

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Laser Tattoo Removal Settings

Hi Blackberry.  Here is the problem.  A good laser practitioner (nurse or MD in California) does not pay as much attention to the settings as they do to the tissue response.  A proper tattoo removal treatment will result in a "frosted" appearance (you can see what this looks like on Youtube).  We also avoid treatments that cause blistering or bleeding as this can lead to scarring.

So, we would have no idea if the settings were appropriate because it all depends on what the person doing the treatment is observing.  Finally, the Trivantage, as the name implies has three wavelengths.  Each type of light uses different settings based on what colors and being treated and how dark or light they are.

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