Vaginal rejuvenation; I hate how big a vagina looks?

The clitois is huge and my lips are long and wrinkly. What can i go to help me ?

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Vaginal rejuvenation

Hello, based only on your description and without seeing pictures, I cannot make specific recommendations. However, "long and wrinkly lips" are a good description of large and redundant labia minora. That can be helped by surgical labiaplasty which is a rewarding procedure considering how much this bothers you. A "huge" clitoris can mean one of 2 things, either your clitoris really is large or the tissue around it (called clitoral hood) has a lot of extra skin. Many women with a lot of tissue in one of the areas also have a lot in the other area. Clitoral hood reduction can be done in those cases. Non-surgical methods will not do much for these particular concerns. I recommend that you see a board-certified plastic surgeon who is experienced with these techniques and procedures.

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Vaginal rejuvenation options

Thank you for your question. There are several options when it comes to vaginal rejuvenation, including surgical and non-surgical options. In my practice I only utilize the surgical vaginal rejuvenation options as I believe they provide patients with better and longer lasting results. You should consult in person with a board certified plastic surgeon who specializes in vaginal rejuvenation to learn what the best option is for your particular needs. Without seeing a picture here on RealSelf it is difficult to give more specific recommendations at this time. 

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Vaginal Surgery

Thank you for sharing.There are many options available to you in order to change the appearance and feel of your vaigna.I would recommend seeing an experienced cosmetic gynecologist and review all options that may be beneficial to you.

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Intended Results of Vaginal Surgery

The intended results of cosmetic labia and vaginal surgery are to create a youthful appearance and enhanced erotic sensation. These treatments can remove physical and psychological discomfort. I perform a variety of treatments and surgeries in  Newport Beach , Orange County to enhance ,  restore and rejuvenate the female genital region.  This includes  procedures to improve moisture, and sensitivity and tighten the vaginal canal; enhance orgasm and restore or improve the appearance of the vulva including the labia minora, labia majora,  the clitoral region and the vestibule of the vagina.  The mons pubis can also be improved with techniques noted below. There are many names for these procedures which include: Designer Vagina, Laser Vaginal Rejuvenation, LVR, Monsplasty, Labiaplasty, Labia Rejuvenation, Cosmetic Vaginal Surgery, Aesthetic Vaginal Sugery, Perineoplasty, and Hymenoplasty. Vaginal Enhancement Surgery is basically cosmetic surgery of a woman’s “Private Parts” or genital region.

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So you don't like the look of your vagina?

Schedule a consultation with a cosmetic gynecologist. There are many options available for changing the appearance of your vaginal area. Recovery is usually quick and mild. Learn all about your choices on my blog link below. You'll find articles, textbook chapters, and lecture presentations that I've done on all aspects of this kind of work.

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Vaginal Rejuvenation

Good afternoon, you have to make a vaginal rejuvenation more reduction of labia minora, clitoris and labia majora increase. And who can help you is a cosmetic gynecologist.and thanks for your photos and question.

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Thank you for sharing your information and photos.  You like many patients suffer from physical discomfort (a functional problem) from your labia.  In 2008 I wrote an article in the Journal of Sexual Medicine which describes that approximately 2/3 of women seeking labiaplasty are doing so due to discomfort.  Importantly, like you have suggested, if one is getting a labiaplasty for functional reasons you still want to have the best aesthetic results possible.  To achieve this you and your surgeon need to determine exactly what you hope to accomplish and this is best done during the exam and during the post exam discussion.   During the exam you should specifically point out the problematic areas.  This information with the experience and expertise of your surgeon you should be able to come up with a plan of action which makes you feel comfortable about your anticipated results.   Based upon the photos which you have presented I would recommend a labia minora reduction ( i.e. labiaplasty) and clitoral hood reduction.   Again this would be a discussion with you during and after the examination.  To achieve the best possible results you really need to choose a surgeon wisely.  Choose a surgeon not based upon being a plastic surgeon, or board certification, but instead based upon the surgeons experience, expertise, reputation, and proven results ( viewing their before and after photos).  After you have chosen 2-3 potential  surgeons you should have an exam and discussion with each of them about their personal techniques, complications, experience  as well you can assess their bedside manner and fund of knowledge. More than once a week on this particular website patients have complaints of having a botched surgery or a severe wound breakdown.  These patients are not happy with their results and now seek a revision surgery. Try to avoid getting into this situation by doing your homework upfront and choosing the right surgeon the first time. Do not choose a surgeon based upon location, low costs or strictly board certification.    Best of Luck with your decision and care: John R Miklos MD Urogynecologist & Cosmetic Vaginal Surgeon Atlanta ~ Beverly Hills ~ Dubai

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Vaginal rejuvenation; I hate how big a vagina looks?

Thank you for sharing your question and photographs.  There is a wide variation in the size and appearance of a women's anatomy, and your vagina falls well within normal. Some women may have, or develop, enlarged or asymmetrical labia that can make exercise, sexual intercourse, or wearing certain types of clothing difficult. In these instances, a labiaplasty allows for a reduction in the size of the labia, while also making a more symmetrical pairing.  I think you would make an excellent candidate for both a labia minora as well as clitoral hood reduction to reach your desired goals.  Hope this helps.

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Vaginal appearance

Based on your photos, you appear to be an excellent candidate for labia minoraplasty with clitoral hood reduction. Please make sure to consult with a specialist who can show you multiple before and after photos of their own patients, as well as patient testimonials. It appears you have hyperpigmentation of the skin, which is darkened labial ends. For this reason I would recommend the linear incision for optimal asthetic results that you desire. Cheers!


From your photos it appears that you will be a good candidate for labiaplasty.  The procedure will remove excess labia minora that is protruding out.  In addition the excess clitoral hood skin can be removed as well.  Different techniques are available to achieve the result you desire.  Good luck!

Gaurav Bharti, MD, FACS
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