How can ultrashape cause fatloss and ulthera can not?

How is the ultrashape treatment different from ulthearpy? They both seem to be alike, how is it possible for the gentle use of ultrasound in the case of ultrashape destroy fat cells on stomach etc. but ulthera/ulthearpy gentle use of ultrasound can not destroy fat cells! On face??

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Focusing the beam

Ultrasound is simply sound waves.  In a diagnostic scan, the waves bounce off structures and the probe detects the depth and strength of the return signal.  In Ultrashape, the beams of ultrasound are focused to a specific point about 1 inch deep and that causes the cells to explode.

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Ultrasound and Fat Loss

Ultherapy is a different type of ultrasound as compared to ultrashape. I suggest you see an expert , when performed correctly ultherapy shouldn't hurt fat cells unless the device is used improperly.  Best, Dr. Emer.

Jason Emer, MD
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Ultrasound technology not all the same

Well, same reason getting an ultrasound during pregnancy to see a fetus does not cause any fat loss either. Basically, ultrasound technology is just harnessing the power of a sound wave to cause a desired effect. The difference in the devices is how much energy (vibration) is delivered by the device, how deep the energy goes, and how concentrated/localized that energy is pinpointed to. Ultrashape has been developed to maximize delivery of the energy in the the fat layer, and shake the cells enough for them to burst. Ulthera is maximized to get the deep layer of the skin to cause tightening. (Doppler and ultrasound for babies, or heart patients, or any other organ, just bounces the waves so we can see differences in density as shadow to visualize inside our bodies.) Hope this makes sense. Best!

Miguel A. Gutierrez, MD
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