Tummy Tuck Massage - 2 months post-op. (photo)

I am now almost 8 weeks post op from a TT and Lipo of flanks. Feeling great. I have been using a gel on my scar everyday as advised by my PS. I am wondering what is the best way to massage the scar, how long, how often and if there is a specific technique I should use. I used the gel my PS prescribed to me for 6 weeks and I just purchased Bio oil to use. I have never used it but have heard it helps with the appearance of the scar. What are your thoughts

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Tummy tuck massage

Dear Stephaniekr, your scar doesn't look bad for 8 weeks!  In my experience TT scars take in general a year and a half to mature and blend.  Some people do it a lot faster and some people heal with problematic scars.  When scars are problematic I use silicone creams or gels and sometimes cortisone injections but these are only a few patients.  All other patients will heal with minimal scars regardless of what they do for them.  I don't see massage as having a great impact in the final outcome of the scar but I certainly don't discourage it.  The greatest value of massage in TT scars is to provide comfort while they're still tender.  I don't think there's a particular technique or schedule of massage that is better than others. 

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Scar care

Many of the the scar treatments like oils do not really do much. Most of the time, time is the best healer.  For problematic scars, there are things like steroids, topical steroids, silicone sheeting and the like.

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Scar Treatment Post Op


For my patients, I recommend applying silicone scar gel or a strip of silicone sheeting to the scar daily. Sun protection is important throughout the first year as well. I recommend that you talk with your Plastic Surgeon about their specific recommendations for you.

All the best

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Tummy Tuck Massage - 2 months post-op. (photo)


  Your result looks very good and I would follow all of your plastic surgeons recommendations as far as scar management is concerned. There is no holy grail of scar management and everyone heals a little differently. Congratulations on your new body and good luck!!

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Tummy Tuck Massage - 2 months post-op. (photo)

Thank you for sharing your question and photograph and congratulations on your tummy tuck.  I do recommend patients use a silicone based scar cream with SPF protection, such as BioCorneum, to optimize the appearance of a scar, as well as massage to help the scar soften.  At 8 weeks you have no restriction as to the method, frequency, or intensity of scar massage so do it as often as you remember.  I have attached a link below that provides additional information you may find useful.  best wishes.

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