My tooth implant has been removed this am as not fusing with bone. What can be done?

Hello I've had one of my implants removed this am during the healing period as my dentist stated it was loose. I would like to know what now can be done as it may become loose again due lack of bone. Also I'm taking calcium and vitamin D and wonder will this help will bone formation. Finally how long will it take for full procedures to be completed and my implants inserted? I was initially told 4 months but now with this craic it will be longer .Comments would be really appreciated. Thank you

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Replacing failed implants

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Occasionally dental implants fail to fuse with bone during the healing period (early failure) and need to be removed.  Although it happens infrequently, it's very frustrating for all parties involved.  If there is infection present, the site is often cleaned and allowed to heal for 3-6 months before attempting another placement (bone may be placed too).  If it just didn't "take" and there is just a layer of soft tissue around the implant, a larger implant can be placed the same day as long as there is enough bone present.  Although many studies suggest a lower success rate when failed implants are replaced, I typically find them very successful in many instances.   In regards to what you can do to aid the situation, it may have been a factor out of your control (perhaps the adjacent tooth has infection or the prior tooth was infected and not properly cleaned out).   Otherwise, the risk factors for implant failure include things such as smoking, periodontal disease, uncontrolled diabetes, and even antidepressant use.  Excess calcium and Vitamin D probably will not aid the situation, although having a deficiency in these would not help.  Best of luck with your care.

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