I'm scheduled for 450cc. No lift. I lost weight. Should I get another consult? (photos)

Originally, my plastic surgeon and I decided on 450cc HP silicone implants subglandular, with no lift. I was concerned about not having a lift done. He didn't feel I needed the lift, it would add scars, and sag back faster. We could revisit 6m post-op tho. Since then I have lost weight 30lbs, and I have noticed some change in my breasts. Should I request another consultation even though the papers are signed, or do you feel what he suggested would still be appropriate for my current state?

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No lift. I lost weight.

Everyone will have an opinion as to what is best, and much will come down to your confidence in your surgeon. If you are uncomfortable with the plan, another opinion might help you. We can't know if the 450cc is just right, but it certainly is in range, and our bias is for a submuscular implant to avoid later rounding and show through. A lift? Think carefully about your tolerance for a breast scar, and if you do not like the augmentation without, a lift to center the nipple front and center on the breast is an easy next step.

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Breast lift with implants?

A 30 pound weight loss will definitely change the shape of your breasts and make them emptier and more droopy. I would definitely revisit the option of a limited breast left with your plastic surgeon in advance of your surgery. Personally I would insist that you have some type of lift but others may have different opinions. Best wishes and good luck.

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I'm scheduled for 450cc. No lift. I lost weight. Should I get another consult?

Based on your photos- I would recommend a lift with implants placed sub-muscular. I would certainly discuss your concerns with your chosen Board Certified PS, or get a second in person opinion.

Thomas Trevisani, Sr., MD
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No lift?

It looks like your nipple position has dropped, and is now at the level of your inframammary crease.  This suggests you have some moderate degree of breast droop.  It is unlikely that even a generous implant would correct this fully.  I would re-evaluate your plan, and have you consider doing a breast lift, in addition to a dual-plane augmentation.

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I'm scheduled for 450cc. No lift. I lost weight. Should I get another consult?

I'm afraid you won't be happy with the results from an augmentation without a proper lift. Please know that  implants cannot lift breasts. Your PS will need to place implants over the muscle (no support) directly behind your breast mound. This means that your breasts  will be larger and in the same location they are now. 450cc implants will quickly stretch your tissues down and out and will create a need for a lift with possible implant removal. Please visit the breast augmentation revision forum on this site to see the long term results from large implants. I hope this helps with making an informed decision.

Best wishes and kind regards,]
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Breast Lift?


Thank you for your question.

Congratulations on your weight loss. I'd recommend consulting with your Board Certified Plastic Surgeon again to ensure that your treatment plan is still appropriate for you. 

All the best. 

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Breast Augmentation WITH or WITHOUT a Lift

Your photos would suggest that some degree of lift would be beneficial. Losing 30 pounds can certainly make an impact on the appearance of one's breast. I would certainly revisit with your plastic surgeon to revisit your surgical plans, especially considering the changes that have occurred in your body since your plan was developed. 

I almost always place breast implants in a (dual plane) submuscular pocket because of better implant coverage and a reduced rate of capsular contracture.

It is important that you are happy with your surgical plan preoperatively - it is easier to make changes prior to surgery!

Best of luck. 

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Yes, go back!

I would certainly regroup after losing 30lbs.  You may not change the plan though.  I think you are very borderline for needing a lift, so doing the implant and waiting 3-6 months and regroup is a good plan too.  Good luck!

Robert S. Houser, DO
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Breast augmentation

It is very difficult to tell from your picture whether or not you need a lift. And no one can really answer this unless they know what your goals are. You could absolutely have a breast augmentation alone and have a very natural appearing breast without doing a breast lift. If you would like your nipples higher then a lift will be in order but the trade-off is the scars. Also if you have not seen your surgeon since you lost 30 pounds I would absolutely suggest that you revisit your surgeon, because not only will your needs change but the size of implant you choose may also change.

Good luck!

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Breast augmentation

Thank you for your question. Losing weight can definitely change your breasts and overall appearance. If you are unsure about the procedure and the decisions made during your previous consutlation, I would recommend speaking to your plastic surgeon about your concerns and desires. If you are still not satisfied, a second opinion may not hurt. An in-person assessment is always best. 

Good luck, 

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