What are the risks of removing a 2 year old size small silicone chin implant?

It has been nearly 2 years since my small silicone chin implant surgery and I have been wanting it removed and totally regretting what I did! I didn't need it, I had a great masculine chin. Whats worse is now some people (mainly 1 specific guy) found out via spying on emails. I have been delaying the removal because I'm terrified of what may become the aftermath of this procedure. Im so sad,and live with such paranoia and anxiety everyday. I just wish this would all disappear and be in the past

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ProblemChild, I'm wondering why you are having the implant removed; is it hurting or is it an aesthetic issue? Anyway, I've been doing nothing but facial aesthetics for over 25 years and have only removed one Silicone implant and that one came out without incident and healed fine. Other implants however have required major intervention to remove and repair. Make sure you see a specialist and are removing the implant for the right reason. Good luck!

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Removal of a chin implant

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Depending on the size, the anatomical plane where the implant is placed and the composition of the implant the response to the implant removal could be different. After removal of a small silicone implant that is placed on the bone the change may not be drastic. However, occasionally there is slight dimpling and minimal sagging of the skin. I would be happy to review your front and profile pictures and the operative note and provide you a more educated opinion 

What are risks of removing small silicone chin implant in place for 2 years?

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In my opinion, the risks would be fairly small in removing a small silicone chin implant that has been in place for 2 years.  Silicone implants are normally easy to remove and in most cases, the chin should return to the same appearance it had prior to placing the implant.  

Michael I. Echavez, MD
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