Redness transplanted area.

Hello , now it has been 24 Days since intranspanted my beard i stil have redness all ober transplanted area pus the dots ( transpated units ) how can i let This go faster , and most Of the hair have fallen already Thank you in advance !

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If you have issues after your surgery, it is best to follow up with your doctor for a recheck.

If you have issues after your surgery, it is best to follow up with your doctor for a recheck. Redness may be normal or it may be an early sign of infection.

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Redness after a beard transplant

The redness occurs  because the hair transplant surgeon needs to make hundreds or even thousands of tiny slits in the scalp so that hairs can be extracted and inserted as needed. These tiny slits can be compared to very small wounds, so it is completely normal for the skin to react by becoming red. Due to the fact that clients are given antibiotics before the surgery, the scalp is not likely to get infected. But if the redness seems excessive, abnormal and comes with pain  and swelling it can indeed be signs of an infection and the doctor should be contacted. But a scalp that is just red is completely normal and not a reason to worry.The exact degree of redness that will follow a hair transplant is hard to predict in advance. The redness will depend on several different factors, with one being the skin complexion of the individual. Pale individuals might experience more redness that lasts longer than those with dark skin where the redness may never be noticeable. Those with sensitive and reactive skin might also have more redness than others. Healthy individuals with good healing abilities will heal faster and have less redness than others. Luckily, the redness after a hair transplant will for most people go away after a couple of weeks and the skin will go back to its regular tone

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Redness after beard hair transplant

if you have redness and puss after three weeks post op, you need to see your doctor for follow up for proper care. 

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Redness in the transplanted area after 24 days

Redness in the transplanted area after 24 days can be a problem and may be related to your skin type. Go back and speak with your doctor as there are many topical medications which can be used to reduce the redness.

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Redness in beard transplanted area 24 days after surgery


I do not see any photos, it is impossible to tell what is going on. Depending on your complexion and skin type redness may take more or less time to re-solve.


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