Are post op antibiotics mandatory filling a septo-rhinoplasty with a tip graft?

I had c.diff after my breast augementation last year and would not like to repeat the experience! I'm having a septo-rhinoplasty with a tip graft (using a portion of the septum) and I'm still unclear about taking antibiotics even after discussing my options with my surgeon (no clindamycin this time!) What is the risk of just "not taking" the post op antibiotics? Is the risk higher because of the graft?

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Rhinoplasty and antibiotics

Most surgeons just give one dose peri-operative for a rhinoplasty procedure.  I'm not sure why your surgeon will want to have you take it long term.

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Antibiotics after Rhinoplasty

Thank you for your question.  I typically will not give post-operative antibiotics after rhinoplasty, unless it is a revision procedure.  Even with the placement of a tip graft, this doesn't necessitate antibiotic coverage.  I would be sure to discuss your previous difficulties with your surgeon.  If this is a revision procedure, you may need some coverage; again, I would discuss this with your surgeon.

I hope that this helps!

-David Gilpin

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antibiotics after a rhinoplasty

In our practice, we do not routinely use antibiotics after a primary rhinoplasty, only after a revision rhinoplasty due to the fact that the lymphatics have been significantly altered. Best to talk to your operative surgeon about antibiotic issues

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Antibiotics after a Rhinoplasty

There is a risk of infection after a rhinoplasty and this risk is slightly higher in revision rhinoplasty.  I also believe the risk of infection is higher in patients that work in health care.  

There are risk of taking antibiotics including C. diff infection.  In this situation you will need to weight the pros and cons of antibiotics during a revision rhinoplasty.  You do not have to take antibiotics by mouth for a revision rhinoplasty.

I would encourage you to take topical antibiotics before and after your rhinoplasty if you choose to move forward.

I hope this helps  

Jonathan Kulbersh, MD
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