Lump above incision postoperative day 1 Mohs? (Photos)

I had Mohs surgery two days ago to remove a small nodular BCC. I think I overheard the surgeon say the final defect was 7 mm x 5 mm. It took one stage to remove the cancer. When I removed my pressure bandage 24 hours later I noticed a lump above where the suture line ends. It is quite noticeable when when I tilt my chin down. It is still present today. Should I be concerned at this stage? As you can see I still have a fair bit of lip swelling

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Lump at top of incision line

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One day is a little early to worry about a bump. Most surgical defects are circular or oval. You can't close a circle or oval upon itself without creating lumps or protrusion of tissue. As a result, most of these surgical defects must be converted into an ellipse  so they can be closed without the tissue protrusion. Best option is to talk to your doctor when the sutures are removed to see if it is healing like he/she thinks it should. 

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Moh's Surgery

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It is perfectly normal to still have swelling at this point, especially in the upper lip area. It is too soon to tell if the small bump just above your incision will settle down, but it should. Be patient, it can take up to a year to achieve your final result from surgery. You should be able to tell a big difference about a week after your suture removal though. Best of luck!

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