How long after BA surgery can I resume my dancing classes?

I have had my BA and it's my 5th day now, am a tango dancer so I need to know is it okay to go back to dancing after my surgery or how long will I have to wait?

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How long after BA surgery can I resume my dancing classes?

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Thank you for your question.  Depending on the extent of involvement with your arms/shoulders and chest, I would recommend 6-8 weeks after surgery.  This should allow much of the discomfort and swelling from your surgery to have resolved while permitting sufficient time for the implants to incorporate into your tissues. 

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Dancing post aug

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If you are 5 weeks post aug I think you would be safe.I usually tell my patients 4 to 6 weeks.Always check with your surgeon first.

Robert Brueck, MD
Fort Myers Plastic Surgeon
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Dance classes after Breast Augmentation surgery

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Most plastic surgeons will recommend that you wait at least eight weeks before resuming any intense physical activity or heavy lifting, especially if it involves use of the pectoral muscle.You may be able to resume dancing before that eight week point depending on how much stress the activity puts on the chest and arms.I would encourage you to be patient and take time to heal, and definitely wait until your plastic surgeon gives you the go-ahead before resuming dancing or other physical activity.

Suzanne M. Quardt, MD
Palm Springs Plastic Surgeon

Dance classes after

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Thank you for your inquiry.The general rule is 8-12 weeks to resume any excessive physical activity that involves the pectoralis muscle.However, dancing could be done earlier as long as there is no excessive use of the muscle.It really depends on the amount of activity and the amount of tension that is put on the pectoralis muscle.It is always best to check with your Plastic Surgeon before resuming physical activities after surgery.I hope this helps!

Hisham Seify, MD, PhD, FACS
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Exercise after BA

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I try to individualize for my patients. Those who are accustomed to working out, I usually allow cardio on treadmill or stationary bike the week after surgery. Then I recommend trying the machines to just do range-of-motion without resistance until mild discomfort is reached. Generally by 3 weeks my patients resume their previous routing with fewer reps and lower weight until they are comfortable.

Ronald J. Johnson, MD, FACS
Germantown Plastic Surgeon

Post Breast Augmentation Activity

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If your breast implants are under the muscle, I always tell my patients to keep their upper arms by their sides for two weeks and then gradually begin to raise them.  However, if your implants are above the muscle I tell my patients there are less restrictions on activity.  If it hurts, don't do it.  Consult your plastic surgeon for his/her advice on this topic.  

F. True Lansden, MD
Key West Plastic Surgeon

BA - Recovery!!

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Thanks for your question!!

Recovery after a breast augmentation can be very straight forward with the right surgeon. Precise technique with minimal trauma leads to little pain after surgery, with many of our patients going out for dinner the same night as surgery. Every surgeon will have his/her own preferences as to recovery for specific procedures. I have patients wear a soft bra after breast augmentation for a few weeks to splint everything, and at that point the scars are generally very stable and we move to normal bras (or none) and long term scar management. Most important is a consultation with a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon regarding this procedure. Don’t settle for less!

Dancing after Breast Augmentation Surgery

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Thank you for your question, and I wish you a speedy recovery! It is best to discuss with your Board Certified Plastic Surgeon his/her specific recommendations as far as return to activity. The recovery after BA surgery varies widely from patient to patient as well as their level of discomfort during this time. Generally, the first 4-7 days are reserved for rest and overall recovery, and after that patients can slowly work their way back with gradual low risk activities. I prefer to wait at least 6-8 weeks for repetitive upper body lifting/movements and arm use so that the muscles, skin incisions and breast tissues have had adequate time to heal and settle before being stressed. The recovery routine will best be determined by your Board Certified Plastic Surgeon so be sure to touch base with him/her on their specific recommendations.

Benjamin J. Cousins MD
Board Certified Plastic Surgeon

Benjamin J. Cousins, MD
Miami Beach Plastic Surgeon
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Breast augmentation recovery

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6 weeks before starting vigorous exercise like dancing.
1 week light duty
3 weeks moderate activity

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