Likelihood of tip graft infection?

I've developed a red spot on the tip of my nose 3 weeks post septo/rhinoplasty using septum for a tip graft. At first I thought it was the beginning of a zit, it continues to be red, flat but has yet swell, drain and no fever. I don't see my surgeon for a few more weeks,he's in another town. Is it worth making the trip to have it checked out?

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Possible nasal tip infection after rhinoplasty

You definitely need to contact your surgeon's office and adhere to his recommendations. If not available, you need to find another local plastic or facial plastic surgeon experienced with rhinoplasty for an evaluation. However, it is best to contact your surgeon and adhere to his recommendations. Although it doesn't sound like an infection based on your description, an examination in person is absolutely necessary as the consequences of a missed infection with delayed treatment can be detrimental. 

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Likelihood of tip graft infection?

Yes it is worth having a covering facial plastic surgeon take a look. If it is infected you will just need antibiotics likely to clear it. If it is infected and goes untreated, in the long term the graft can resorb due to the inflammation and that is not a good situation. It may just be the edge of the cartilage exerting some pressure but definitely best to have it checked. Hope that helps!

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