How much EXACTLY does my insurance cover for my Invisalign?

My invisalign treatment will cost $6500. My insurance will cover "50% with estimated benefit of $3250". There's also a "lifetime maximum of $1500". So what do these numbers mean? Will they cover 3250 or 1500?

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Insurance coverage

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We think of insurance as a policy that shoulders a significant part of the costs we incur whether from injuries, losses, or major medical expenses. Dental "insurance" does not fit that general description. The first dental insurance coverages did and averaged $1000 benefit per year for auto workers in 1968. Almost 50 years later that $1000 would be worth about $7000 benefit per year today.

Today the average dental insurance policy tops out at $1200-1500.

From your description it would look like your policy will pay a total lifetime benefit of $1500 for your orthodontic treatment. Better than nothing but definitely not 50% of the total. 

probably not the news you wanted but I hope that helps

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