Dental implant has failed what options do I have?

Hi I've had two implants inserted but one had to be removed 6weeks ago as dentist stated there was an infection and also small amount of bone. He said he will insert a another implant once the area has healed. My concerns are how long will the gum heal where I had the implant removed and where is he going to insert the new implant if I've bone loss. No mention of bone graft. I'll be having a bridge inserted and connected to the implants on both sides. Im thanking anyone who replies In advance

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Your gums will take a couple of weeks to close. Once they close, the bone will begin to heal & fill with bone. If the defect is small it can fill, if large a graft at time of removal is recommended. You may recover a good portion of the bone but you also may need grafting. All will be determined after you heal. 

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