I have a piece missing from front tooth and now it's changed colour. What can I do to get it fixed? (Photo)

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Tooth Repair

I recommend you see your general dentist for a full examination. You can have a filling that can match the color of your tooth. It appears that you may have had trauma to the tooth. There are several alternatives that you can have, including composite fillings or veeners or a crown. 

Discolored Filling

Your best bet is to see your dentist.
From what can be seen in the photo, your 2 front teeth are off-color from the rest of your teeth. Did you have trauma to those two teeth at some point?
As far as the discoloration of the filling on the right front tooth, the seal of the filling against the tooth has started to leak - meaning bacteria have gained access to the space between the filling and tooth and started decaying the tooth. With time this will only get worse.
It appears you have some stains or decay on the other front tooth. You should see your dentist ASAP!

Charles Briscoe, DDS
La Jolla Dentist

Filling or crowns

You can either redo the filling, or get crowns.

The crowns would be more esthetic, if it's been a while since you've had a full exam and xrays I'd recommend doing that first.

Dr. Reiser

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