I had hymen surgery 5 days ago. I had hard stool and I peed blood from my vagina. Did I break my hymen ?

I had hymen surgery 5 days ago and today I had hard stool I pushed hard and I did bleed and it was vaginal bleeding a lot of it , it was not painful but felt like I peed blood from my vagina does it mean I broke my hymen ?

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Bleeding after hymenoplasty

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You will not "break" a properly performed hymenoplasty with a bowel movement. However, during surgery some blood becomes "trapped" in the upper vagina and can "whoosh out" with a B.M.  I see no reason for you to go through the potential trauma of an exam by your surgeon at this time, but visit him or her 3-4 weeks after your procedure to see if all is intact. In the meantime, be very limited in your activities, as recommended by your surgeon.
Best wishes,
Michael P Goodman, MD
Davis,, CA, USA

You can't break your hymenoplasty with a bowel movement

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Doesn't happen. Bleeding after this procedure is usually the release of trapped blood that accumulated in the vagina during or after surgery.

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