I've always felt "numb" during intercourse, even in my teens before having kids. Will vaginoplasty help?

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Define numb

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I guess it depend upon how you define numb.  If you mean you don't feel anything during intercourse then and you would prefer to feel more friction during intercourse then you should address the issue. You should see a surgeon who understands vaginal reconstruction and rejuvenation. This usually means a vaginal surgeon who is either a urogynecologist or a gynecologist. If you mean you feel a tingling sensation during intercourse.   I would recommend seeing a neurologist.  Once you define your problem you can be better directed to the correct physician.John R Miklos MD

Will a vaginoplasty fix numbness?

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I agree with Dr. Pelosi's answer.  Numbness is not typical and should be evaluated.  Typically, numbness may be a characteristic of vaginal laxity.  Normally, sensation in a woman's genitalia is not from the vagina itself but rather from the nerves on the outside.  A tighter vagina has more "sensation" in large part because of external sensation rather than from the inside of the vagina itself. A good evaluation will determine that you have normal sensation on the outside. If you are able to be orgasmic with clitoral stimulation then likely you have a normal nerve supply and the numbness is related to laxity. This can be addressed with surgical procedure such as the vaginoplasty and perineoplasty or sometimes with painless office procedures such as the thermiva.

What to do with your numb vagina?

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It's not clear what you mean by "numb" in reference to your vagina during sex. I would recommend that you schedule a gynecologic examination to assess your vaginal and vulvar nerves and reflexes to get a better grasp on the situation. Perhaps even a neurologist should be consulted to exclude other conditions. Vaginoplasty fixes vaginas that are loose, not vaginas that are numb.

Vaginoplasty and Nerve Sensaton

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Thank you for an interesting question.  In short, vaginoplasty is not likely to help your symptoms of "numbness" that were present before you had kids.  It can help women who have lost some sensation in that it will allow for increased friction during intercourse, which will result in increasing stimulation, however, it will not improve the function of the nerves.  Non-surgical options that may improve nerve function and sensation include ThermiVa and "G-spot enhancement" with an injection of platelet-rich plasma (PRP), also known as the "O-shot."  I would recommend trying the non-surgical options first, as they are much less expensive and also less risky.  Unless you have noticed a big difference between before babies vs after babies, then I would recommend avoiding surgery, except as a last resort.

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