What is the best and most effective way possible to treat these mole removal scars? Is PRP treatment recommended? (photo)

I got three moles removed via electrocautery in April and they didn't heal well and resulted in bad scars. They're very embarrassing. I'm a weightlifter and I believe that the weightlifting pressure did not help my scars. I have been back to the aesthetician (I am aware that aesthetician was the WRONG move) and a few dermatologists have turned down helping me. I have been recommended PRP treatment and wondering if its effective and would be the best option because now I am lost. Any suggestions?

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A map to improving mole removal scars--vascular lasers and resurfacing

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I suggest vascular laser and some resurfacing to get improvement.  Please see an expert for treatment options, someone trained in laser and scars.  Best, Dr. Emer.

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