Double bubble/bottoming out? (photos)

I had my BA June 2nd, 2016. 395cc mentor textured anatomic implants in a sub glandular (over the muscle) position. This was recommended by my PS as he said I had construction below the nipple. I started out with nothing (photo included), and am happy with the size. However, my right implant has now gone too low, and will come out below the incision line. Is this double bubble or bottoming out?

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Double bubble/bottoming out?

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I am sorry to hear about your concerns.   The appearance of the lower breast fold on the photograph appears to be most consistent with redundant skin in the area, not a bottoming out situation. Your plastic surgeon, after physical examination will be your best resource when it comes to accurate diagnosis and advice.  Best wishes.

Revision will be needed

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The fold was lowered too much on the right side.  You would need an implant remove replace with removing parts of the pocket (capsulectomy) and sewing up parts of the pocket (capsulorrhaphy).

Double bubble

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From your photos it looks to be a fold of skin not the implant . I do not believe that is a double bubble. In person exam would be helpful

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