Dent-Like shaped breast after BA. Is this normal for 9 days post-op? (Photo)

Notice underneath the my breast crease in the picture. Is this normal for 9 days post op? Even when I try the squeezing massage from the top, the shape still remains and wouldn't bother creating any pocket between the edges. I've seen girls 3 months post op with even more defined dent-like shape right the middle of one of their breasts after getting implants. Are some people just shaped like that? Second question, no matter how hard I massage downwards, the implant doesn't move down. Too soon?

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Dent-Like shaped breast after BA. Is this normal for 9 days post-op?

Your breast shape looks okay. It may take several months for your fold to reach its final shape. Continue to follow up with your surgeon.

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Early results

The shape looks ok from the photo and you will see changes for 3-6 months. Ask your surgeon about your concerns. Best of luck. 

Evan Feldman, MD, FACS
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it is difficult to see the dent in the photo. It can take several months for the breast implant to settle in the pocket.  Best of luck.

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Dent-Like shaped breast after BA.

Your body's recovery from surgery is an eveloving process which takes weeks and months rather than days and weeks. Many patients have some degree of irregularity in the first few days and weeks. One side looks different, one side hurts more, etc., so provided you're healing is progressing normally you would expect a series of changes over the next several weeks. Always best to ask your surgeon about your concerns.

In regards to the second part, again 9 days is pretty soon after surgery. I don't know if you have textured or smooth implants so that may make a diferrence as well

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