Concerned about gap (24 yrs old, Silitex High Profile Implants by Mentor, sub-pec, inframammary). (photos)

Operation done August 2nd. I'm a little concerned about the gap between my new breasts (I had AA and very little tissue, now 350cc on each side). Is it going to narrow a little bit over time? They also still look very fake. When can I expect improvement? I just want them to look as natural as possible. Thank you.

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Cleavage concerns after breast surgery…

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Congratulations on having undergone the breast augmentation procedure.  In regards to the space between your breasts, I think that your plastic surgeon has done a very nice job;  the breast implants are appropriately spaced  and should not be any closer to the midline. I would not expect the space to "narrow" over time.  Of course, the overall appearance of your breasts will change over the course of the next several months; hopefully more to your liking and less "fake" looking.  

Some general thoughts regarding "cleavage concerns" may be helpful to you and other young ladies considering breast surgery:

Patients undergoing breast augmentation should understand that their anatomical “starting point” will play a significant "role" in the outcome that they can expect with breast augmentation surgery.   If the patient starts out with a significant distance between the breasts, there are limits as to how close of "cleavage" can be achieved.  If over dissection (when developing breast implant pocket) occurs in the cleavage area, with the goal being to achieve as close as possible cleavage per patient's request, patients may experience significant problems such as breast implant displacement (medial  malposition or symmastia) and/or significant breast implant rippling/palability.  Obviously, these types of problems may require revisionary breast surgery to correct.  Also, keep in mind, that each nipple/areola complex must remain centered on each breast mound after surgery.  Again, careful dissection of the breast implant pocket and appropriate selection of breast implant size/width/profile will also play a role when it comes to how close the cleavage area will be postoperatively (and the overall shape/symmetry of the breasts). Careful measurement/dimensional planning plays a big role in this regard.
 Best wishes for an outcome that you will be very pleased with long-term.

Concerned about gap between?

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Hi and thanks for your questions. Your photos actually demonstrate a very nice early result! Congrats. If you look this good now, I suspect that as the breasts continue to mature there should be an improvement in the cleavage gap and the breast shape. The size you chose, 350 cc, is a size that's very good for achieving a natural looking result. Continue to follow closely with your plastic surgeon and best wishes! Dr. Aldo

Aldo Guerra, MD
Scottsdale Plastic Surgeon
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