In the case of chin implant removal can calcium filler be used to treat chin ptosis deformities that may arise upon removal?

I got a small chin implant 2 years ago and wanted to keep it a secret at all costs but sadly someone spied on my emails between my doctor and I, and now everyone knows *sigh*. I now want it removed. I wasn't entirely happy with it to begin with as it was slightly crooked, even though it was mostly a nice improvement but I had a nice masculine chin to begin with and did it in complete vanity. My question is how deep is the filler placed?Can it be placed in the empty pocket to negate any looseness

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Chin implant removal

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Hello! Depending on the type of implant used, significant contour deformities are not typically seen with chin implant removal, especially soon after placement. In any case, there would be a period of healing required after removal making any filler placement difficult. Contour deformities, if any, existing after the swelling is gone can be improved upon with hyaluronic acid or calcium hydroxylapatite fillers. These fillers are not used to replace the implant, but can improve subtle skin contour irregularities. Good luck!

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