I've had a breast reduction done, it will be a year January 22nd and very worried and upset due to the scarring, is this normal?

Also I'm 34 weeks pregnant so not sure if that had anything to do with it. But will this fade with time? Should I contact a doctor? Thank you in advance. Worrys me that is so blotchy and ugly... and very noticeable. Why are they so dark and big? Looks like somthing exploded under the skin like broken blood vessels? Please help! I look like a hack job! Left boob looks way worse then the right. Just wondering am I the only one? And is this an easy fix?

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Breast reduction scars during pregnancy.

First of all congratulations! Pregnancy and the changes in hormone levels have a way of changing the appearance of the body in many ways. It also sounds as if you conceived not too long after your breast reduction surgery. These two factors combined can lead to unexpected outcomes when related to incision healing and scar tissue appearance. If you choose to breastfeed, your breasts will change once more. Once you are done breastfeeding (if you choose to do so) and are at a comfortable weight that you feel you can maintain, you should reevaluate the scaring and the general look of your breasts. If at that time you are still unhappy with the way they look, contact the surgeon that performed your breast reduction surgery for a consultation. They can advise you of your options and guide you through the process.

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Scars after reduction

It looks like you scars have spread a bit and perhaps a scar revision might help to improve them. Best of luck after you have had your baby!

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I've had a breast reduction done, it will be a year January 22nd and very worried and upset due to the scarring, is this normal?

Congratulations on your pregnancy; the appearance of scars can certainly worsen during/after pregnancy. If the appearance of your scars bother you long-term, revisionary surgery will likely be beneficial.  Best to do this type of surgery several months after you have stopped breast-feeding and once you have reached your long-term stable weight. Best wishes.

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Breast reduction questions

Not much you can do at this point since you are pregnant.  If the breasts became greatly enlarged during the pregnancy then the scar are going to stretch. Once you are done with pregnancy you can be evaluated for a scar revision. 

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Thank you for the photos and YES it can be fixed with a scar revision so see your surgeon or other expert in the area 

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Scars after Breast Reduction

Thank you for your question. The trade-off for an improvement in the contour and shape of your breasts is scars. Hopefully your Plastic Surgeon discussed this with you during your consultation and pre-operative visits. The skin is placed under tension and as it heals, there is always a chance for a scar that widens. Also, you may have had some slight reactions to the stitches used. Typically, it takes at least 1 year to see your final scar results - which you're approaching. Scarring also depends on your ethnicity and skin tone, and your aftercare - silicone sheeting can help in the early peri-operative period, as well as paper tape. Regardless, yes, this is an easy fix. The scar on your right breast is probably as good as it's going to get width-wise; it may continue to fade though. Your left breast scar has widened. If it continues to bother you, various lasers may help, or a simple excision or removal of the scarred tissue and a closure again. I imagine, since you are pregnant, your breasts are likely enlarging - this added increase may have also contributed. Best course, wait until after you deliver, and then discuss this candidly with your Plastic Surgeon. Best of luck! 

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Dark scars with pregnancy

Pregnancy will sometimes cause darkening of scars especially in the trunk and breast region. After your pregnancy is over I would recommend you consider scar therapy with lasers or surgical scar revision. Ask your chosen plastic surgeon what would be best for you. Good luck.

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