Does bra type, sport no wire vs firm underwire effect the long term breast shape?

Opinions vary regarding preferred bra type after a breast reduction so I'm wondering if a very round cupped firm underwire bra would help ensure a perkier round breast shape once healed?

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Bra and shape

In general, I do not think bras make much of a difference when it comes to breast surgery. I usually have patients wear a loose fitting sports bra in most cases.

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Does bra style matter after reduction?


This is an interesting question. I think it's very unlikely that bra style would affect the longterm result of breast reduction. Some surgeons are quite specific about the bras their patients wear postop, but I tend to use a soft, comfortable, stretchy bra in the postop period. I think comfort and a bit of compression are important, but I don't think that a more structured bra will mold the breasts. I wish i could tell you that wearing a structured bra will keep your breasts from re-drooping, but I dont think it will. Some techniques of breast reduction can be better at preventing re-droop than others, and the longterm result also depends on your skin and tissues.

I hope that helps-

Susan MacLennan, MD
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Bra and breast shape post reduction.

Thanks for your question. Reduced breasts of any size will still respond to gravity over time and will take on a teardrop shape. Once you are healed enough to wear a bra I believe that the support will help to slow the process, but gravity eventually will win.  In the future the lift portion of a reduction can be repeated. Smaller breast tend to droop less than heavier breasts as you consider your size goals.

hope this helps.

Adam Tattelbaum, MD
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Does bra type, sport no wire vs firm underwire effect the long term breast shape?

Congratulations on having undergone the breast reduction procedure. There is no “standard” when it comes to the use of specific bras or garments after breast surgery. In other words, different plastic surgeons may have different practices when it comes to postoperative dressings/bras. 

In my practice, patients wake up with a surgical bra in place. This surgical bra, although not attractive, is supportive and used for about one month after surgery (some of my patients have been known to burn the bra ASAP). Then, patients transition to a soft sports bra. Wired bras are used when breast have reached their “final position” and patients have full sensation along the breast skin.  You are correct in that it is important to avoid significant abrasion of healing incision lines by the bra.

Generally, the longer I have been in practice, the more I appreciate the long term use of supportive bras after all types of breast surgery. This additional support may be especially helpful when patients are lying down and/or engaged in strenuous exercise. 

Having said that, I would not expect the type of bra that you wear to affect long-term breast shape.

Best wishes for an outcome that you will be very pleased with.

Tom J. Pousti, MD, FACS
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Does bra type, sport no wire vs firm underwire effect the long term breast shape?

The surgical sports bra should be comfortable for you in all ways and form the type of bra will not have any negative toll on your final results this is mainly for your comfort specially to hold up your bandages the first few days thank you for your question good luck.

Stephanie A. Stover, MD
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