Would bonding be a good option for these gaps? Not necessary to fill it completely but to at least lessen the gaps.

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Options to close gaps #DrSoftTouch

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Bonding can be a cost effective way to close spaces requiring only one visit. However, it's important to keep in mind that bonding is more of a temporary fix, as it chips and stains easily and will likely need to be replaced every few years (sometimes sooner). Consider Invisalign or instant ortho with porcelain veneers instead. I hope this helps. Click save under my name to ask me more questions in the future.

Is bonding a good way to close gaps?

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Orthodontics or Invisalign would be your best option, but if that is not realistic for you, bonding can give you a great result if done by a skilled and artistic dentist.  We have successfully transformed many smiles like yours with EasySmile Veveers, a form of cosmetic bonding done in 1 short visit , usually with no shots and no drilling or filing down of your healthy tooth structure.  You should probably wear a nighguard once the bonding is completed.

Bonding to close gaps

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Yes, bonding would be a great way to close the spaces immediately. Braces is always the first option, but if that's not realistic, bonding works very well in this instance. By the way, though the photo is not ideal, you may have a cavity in between your 2 front teeth.

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