After a chin implant is removed, can a filler or fat be placed into the empty pocket to fix any chin ptosis?

Ive had a 6mm silicone chin implant for 2 years now which I've never been fully happy with. I've contemplated removal the entire time. My question is that when I remove it, and decide I don't like my recessed chin, can I have filler or fat transfer? And where is this filler/fat place? Can it be placed deep within the empty pocket, in order to prevent pocket contracture, almost to recreate the effect of the implant, or will it have to be placed on the upper most layer of the soft tissue?

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That's a great question. What is it about the chin implant that you do not like in specific? I would think long and hard about whether to remove it, as you had it placed in the first place. Also, it depends on how recessed your chin is. There are other options, such as genioplasty where your own jaw bone can be cut and brought forward. This is often performed instead of a chin implant to bring the mandible forward. Usually for chin augmentation a genioplasty or a chin implant are the go to answers. The problem with filler is that it is temporary and depending on the amount of recess- you might need a lot. Fat is a better option than fillers, but fat can be unpredictable and some of the fat injected may not make it and it will not given the same type of bulk that a genioplasty or an implant would give. My suggestion is that you see a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon who specializes in Craniofacial surgery to evaluate you and have a formal discussion with you about all your potential options and the risks and limitations that come with each option. Good Luck.  

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