2 years post breast aug, and I still have dark noticeable scarring and psoriasis build up. What can I do? (Photo)

I am seeking advice on what I should do about my scarring and if I should go back to my surgeon or of there are any scar removal recommendations for psoriasis prone skin :( It could be lagging because of the condition of skin I have, damn psoriasis! I am looking for as much knowledge about my situation as possible, thank you.

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Scar treatment


Your Plastic Surgeon may be a good resource for scar treatment recommendations, otherwise you could visit with a dermatologist.

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We have had good success in our office treating these type of scars with fractional laser resurfacing and maybe adding some coagulation if your skin type can tolerate it. It's a slow process because you're only treating a small fraction of the skin at one time. Thus far all the scars we have treated have looked better. I recommend you go back to your operating plastic surgeon and see if they have any scar therapies that have worked in their practice. Good luck.

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