Can IPL become ineffective for hyperpigmentation?

I had an IPL session 3 weeks ago at a new clinic. It was the first one over the last 12 months. I wanted to get rid of brown spots in my face. Usually, the brown spots go darker after the session and fade away. This time, the brown spots did not get darker afterwards and they have not faded away at all. Can IPL become ineffective or were the settings too mild?

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Can IPL become ineffective

A new office will probably not hike up the settings as much as your old office did simply because they don't know your skin. IPL doesn't become ineffective. But IPL is only as effective as the technician, the machine, and the settings! All of which need to be appropriate!

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IPL settings

It sounds like the IPL settings may have been a little too mild.  Typically (as you stated) the brown spots will turn darker, develop a "coffee-ground" appearance and then fall off over a few weeks. 
I would recommend that you return to the clinic for further evaluation.
Best of luck!

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