Injury in 2008 and Unsuccessful Rhinoplasty in 2009. Can Another Rhinoplasty Help Me? (photo)

Got hit in the nose in 2008 which shifted the bone creating a bump on the left side. Got closed rhinoplasty through insurance to straighten & shave down the bump but am left with a bump & asymmetrical cartilage near the tip. Things I want fixed: bulbous tip; uneven cartilage on sides before tip; large bump on the right side of my nose. Can Rhinoplasty help me or is this a hard procedure and could make things worse? Is this primary or revision rhinoplasty due to my procedure back in 2009?

Update: there is a gap between my nasal bones I can feel (possible open roof deformity)

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Rhinoplasty revision

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Thank you for the photos, but it is difficult to assess your nose solely on photos. An in-office exam is key.

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Injury in 2008 and Unsuccessful Rhinoplasty in 2009. Can Another Rhinoplasty Help Me?

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You are describing a secondary rhinoplasty. Best to obtain IN PERSON evaluations from boarded rhinoplasty surgeons in your city. 

Revision Rhinoplasty

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A rhinoplasty can improve the nasal characteristics you do not like. Whether you call it a revision is not important as long as you select an experienced surgeon who discusses your goals, explains your alternatives and establishes reasonable expectations.

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Revision rhinoplasty.

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Yes this is a revision rhinoplasty.  All of the issues you mentioned along with removal of the bump can be done. I was one of the early pioneers of open rhinoplasty more than 35 years ago but I would do your nose closed.  Select a surgeon whose revision noses you like. 

Toby Mayer, MD
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Well-performed Revision Rhinoplasty Surgery may be employed to narrow your tip, restore tip symmetry, and remove your bump.

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All Revision Rhinoplasty surgeries are technically more difficult to perform than primary surgery. Your nose appears wide on front view, and the left side of your tip hangs down more than your right. You also appear to have a small profile hump.

If you're considering further nasal surgery, please consult several reputable revision rhinoplasty specialists to see what might be best for you.

Hope this helps you.

Dr. Joseph

Eric M. Joseph, MD
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Revision Rhinoplasty

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In my experience an open rhinoplasty could be used to better align your dorsum and add definition to your tip.  Using an open approach will give your surgeon more control of each area you want addressed.  

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