Laser Tattoo Removal Using the Alex Trivantage Machine, Any Opinions?

Treating a large upper back tattoo between the shoulder blades, skin is light/olive & has had no sun. the colors are Black wind bars (one bar is really dark) purple, orange, green...any thoughts?

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Removal of Multi-Colored Tattoo

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Blackberry 11- Your tattoo sounds like it will be a difficult one to remove.  Very dark tattoos require more treatment sessions.  Purple, orange, and green can be less predictable and more difficult to remove.  Alex TriVantage offers several different wavelengths which may be beneficial for all the different colors.  I personally use the Quanta laser with both ruby and Nd:YAG lasers.  I also use a Q-switched alexandrite laser for tattoos. Good luck with your tattoo removal.


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