I Am 5 Days Post Op, How Can I Prevent Them from Dropping? They Are Perfect. (photo)

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What do I do to keep my breast looking great

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Your results look great! Unfortunately you can't stop gravity, but you can put up a good fight.  Make sure to wear a supportive bra and don't go braless very often.  At 5 days, I would talk to your surgeon before going to an underwire bra, and continue with your sports bra until you are cleared by your surgeon.  Support! Support! Support! ac

Newport Beach Plastic Surgeon

Breast implant support

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You look great and are right to want to look after your implants.  You look slim and the implants look large so your breast skin, which is designed to stretch, will need help ie support. Not just for the "settling in" period but always. I'm nervous about underwired bras too soon after surgery and for 4 weeks prefer the use of sports bras or similar with really good firm support with a wide band rather than a concentrated force which might hurt the healing wound (assuming a breast fold incision was used). This doesn't mean you cant wear light or fine bras but try to stay supported with high impact activities if you can.

Best wishes

Adrian Knox, MBBS, FRACS
Sydney Plastic Surgeon

How to keep my Breasts perfect?

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I agree, good support is key, especially the first 6 weeks, avoid any type of activity that will put pressure or strain on the tissue around your implants like heavy exercise, etc...good luck

How Can I Prevent Them from Dropping

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Wear support bra, don't use the pectoral strap (breast band) but in particular, discuss with your surgeon at your post op visit. All the best. 

Jourdan Gottlieb, MD
Seattle Plastic Surgeon

Underwire bra day and night after augmentation

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It depends on the surgeon, type of implant and location of implant as to the treatment of the implants after surgery. But I usually recommend an underwire bra day and night for 3 months then during the day for a year, after the implants have dropped appropriately. 

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