What Can I Do to Help my Eyebrows Grow? Can I Do Anything to Make Them Grow Where They Didnt Before?

I am not looking for a semi permanent solution like Latisse. I am wondering if there's anything that can help regrow and perhaps encourage growth in places there wasn't eyebrow hair before. I am male and have plucked certain spots 5-8 times and I wish to grow them back now. I'm sure they will grow back eventually but i'm looking to accelerate that. And like i said. hopefully grow it in different spots. I've started the vaseline/olive oil thing. but im looking for a proven technique. thanks to all!

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Eyebrow Transplantation

This is the usual indication for an eyebrow transplant.  Many men have a loss of eyebrow hairs due to genetics or over-plucking them, and with an eyebrow transplant, can have fuller eyebrows restored.

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An eyebrow hair transplant may be an option

An eyebrow hair transplant may be an option to restore patches of lost eyebrow hair. If you have plucked for a prolonged time, the follicles may be permanently scarred and they will not regrow and nothing will stimulate them to do so.  If the follicle is present and just in a resting phase, you could stimulate them by the use of Rogaine 5% twice daily in combination with a cortisone cream like triamcinolone.   For eyebrow replacement, hair from the underarms or the nape of the neck may provide effective results as they tend to be shorter and more delicate than hair from the scalp. In the future, eyebrow hair will be able to be cloned to produce natural looking results. Consult with a board certified dermatologist who specializes in hair restoration to determine if you are a good candidate for an eyebrow transplant.

Edmond Griffin, MD
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FUE for Eyebrow Growth

There is no medication to produce permanent eyebrow growth. Your best solution is to undergo a moderate eyebrow transplant. FUE is a minimally invasive surgery that can create full, permanent eyebrows that look completely natural.

Sanusi Umar, MD
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Eyebrows and Eyelashes



There's really nothing you can add topically to restart or replace your eyebrow growth.  Latisse does work, but only for eyelashes and not eyebrows.  Have you considered a small, conservative eyebrow replacement with your own hair?  It's really a nice, minimally invasive procedure with great results.  

(As a last ditch effort, you might try Minoxidil, but it's certainly not proven for eyebrow).  Good luck with this, I hope that helps.

John E. Frank, MD
New York Hair Restoration Surgeon
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