HA Fillers Destroyed my Skin? Need a Better Option.

Im 31 and have been using HA fillers since the age of 25 in the cheek chin nabalabial folds and submalar V area. (10-15mls) Every month something deflates and every cent i have ends up going towards filler ($500 1ml) gets expensive. Recently my injector took a 2 month vacation and my face has never looked so sunken..comparable to someone with HIV related waisting (which I don't have). How can I switch to a more practical solution ie fat or sculptra without leting my whole face deflate? Thanks

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Stay far away from Sculptra!!! Fat is your friend!

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There is simply no filler that can compete with the biocompatibility, rejuvenating effect and lasting power of autologous fat so dont look any further.  The permanent and semipermanent fillers out there will become too hard thus causing fat atrophy, skin stretch irregular texture and FACIAL AGING!!!!


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Rian A. Maercks M.D.

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