Veneers vs. Braces? Please help! (photos)

My ortho told me that I need to remove 4 teeth (2 up/down) for braces. I understand it is to make room for crowded teeth, but removing 4 fine teeth is frightening. As an alternative, I was considering veneers for my top teeth only, since I can only see my top teeth when I smile. Here are my questions: 1. Am I an eligible candidate for veneers? Thoughts? 2. Does extracting 4 teeth would change my facial feature? Also would it cause any problems later since I have less teeth than normal people?

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Orthodontics would be best #DrSoftTouch

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There are options for enhancing your smile without removing teeth. Sometimes removing teeth is the easiest way so it may be suggested, but now days the need for extractions can be eliminated. I would recommend seeing an orthodontist for a second opinion. However, I do think that orthodontics is the best option for you. I hope this helps. Click save on the save button below my name, so that you may ask me more questions in the future.


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You are a bi protrusive patient, that is you see your profile, your teeth look forward, 
thi is called protrusive dental , and they are more angulated than normal, POINT A AND B, are behind this teeth angles, so yes, of course you are a candidate for extractions, without seeing a oath analysis, look at your arch, teeth are crowded, and you have a wide arch, veneers will look big, 
go for extractions, on bicuspids, and trust your doctor, braces, not invisalign, those do not work for cases like yours, you need full anchorage, and braces, for at least 1 year, and at the end you will have a beautiful smile.


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by seeing yr photos, i feel u r a bimax case [all four premolar extraction ] case. veneer will not work in yr case. so u have only option is braces. u can go for invisalign, if u r looking for invisible braces option.

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Avoid extractions!

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Thanks for sending in your question. Often we can eliminate the need for extractions by using new techniques to move teeth in position. I think you would benefit much more and stay more conservative in regards to treating your teeth via orthodontics using clear aligners. Often treatments are less invasive and very easy.  We see patients like you everyday in our office and avoid extractions. Your final results can look amazing! Let us know if we can help you further.
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Extractions are for extreme situations

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While I am NOT an orthodontist, this does not appear extreme.  It depends on the ultimate goal, but I would suggest a non extraction ortho treatment.  Teeth can be slimmed and polished to make a little room, and in the end veneers can be considered.  Veneers alone may result in very thick teeth.

A combination of the two is likely best.

Second Ortho Opinion needed. Consider the DNA Appliance and Epigenetic Orthodontics.

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There are alternatives to extracting four bicuspids for orthodontics.  The "Four on the Floor" technique is gradually being replaced by more physiologic approaches such as the DNA Appliance that orthopedically grows the jaws to make room for all of your teeth and grows your airway as well.

The DNA Appliance is associated with less Inflamation and Pain and is only worn 12-14 hours/day.

Extracting four bicuspids can lead to snoring, sleep apnea, headache, migraines and TMJ disorders including poor posture.  It can also lead to a sunken look to the face as lip support is lost.

Bleaching can give whiter brighter teeth as well .  Veneers placed after DNA Appliance therapy would be far more cosmetic than utilizing them alone.

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