Uneven size and position of implants plus hematoma after breast Aug and lift. Revision needed? (photo)

I had a breast lift with an implant 3 weeks ago,and i'm NOT happy with the results! i was told 250cc round implant is my only option,and with mastectomy i wont be able to go bigger! My left breast shape/size looks ok. But,the right side is much samller,lower and lays more towards the armpit! I'm assuming as time goes by,it'll shrink and look even smaller! My surgeon comment was that i didnt have similar tissue amount on both breasts. would i possibly need a revision surgery on the smaller side?

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Revision After Augmentation Plus Lift?

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It is unfortunate that you are having problems with you lift plus implant surgery. The combination of a simultaneous lift plus implant is a very complex operation due in part to the fact that the two procedures work against one another, and there is a very high complication and revision rate. The fact that they were  limiting you to such a small implant indicates that you were in a high risk category. Hopefully your surgeon explained this to you before surgery, because you are now one of those statistics. 

Your right side looks smaller in larger part due to the implant being noticeably lower. We don't have any pre-op photos to confirm any pre-existing asymmetries, but the differences that are visible now appear to be more related to implant malposition. Unfortunately this is a problem that will likely only get worse over time. So it appears likely that you will need a revision (there are those damn statistics again), but most surgeons will recommend waiting at least 3 if not up to 6 months before embarking on any revision surgery. 

Too early to judge results yet

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It is WAY too early to judge results.  There is still a lot of swelling from the surgical procedure.  It would be best to wait 3-6 months for the tissue to settle and the implants to adjust before considering another procedure.  If you operate too early you will be chasing your tail forever!

Good Luck!

David Finkle, MD
Omaha Plastic Surgeon
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