Is anything that can be done about my uneven eyes? (Photo)

As the years past, i've notice that my eyes were becoming uneven and I was wondering if any surgeries were available for this type of problem. I didn't have this problem when I was younger..

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You need to see an Oculoplastic surgeon

Your picture shows a droopy or ptotic left upper eyelid, but there could be more going on. There seems to be a difference in the way each of your eyes sits within the eye sockets and that should be evaluated. Is the right eye protruding? Is the left eye sunken? Is this new or old? Make sure these questions are answered before you consider a surgical correction. 

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Is anything that can be done about my uneven eyes? YES, DEPENDS ON THE CAUSE.

It is difficult to tell from the photo but your left eye is either more sunken or the left upper eyelid is more droopy (ptosis) than the right side. Best to see an oculoplastic specialist for in person evaluation. See following video too.

Mehryar (Ray) Taban, MD, FACS
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You have bilateral anterior levator dehiscence ptosis.

The ptosis is worse on the left side.  Surgery is need to correct the eyelid asymmetry.  You need the tendon inside the eyelids repaired.  You need an anchor blepharoplasty and a small amount of skin in the upper eyelid removed.  Less is more.  Correctly done, your eyebrow will relax down and you will be thrilled with the result.

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Uneven eyes

I would recommend seeing an oculoplastics specialist to help determine why your eyes are becoming more uneven.  They will be able to best direct you. Good luck.

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