Is this skin necrosis? Or just needs more time to heal? (photos)

I had my breast augmentation and lift in Mexico Sept 9, it's now Oct 6, so almost 4 weeks and the under part on my left boob is worrying me a huge amount. Because I live in Canada I can't just pop over to my surgeon. I sent pictures and he told me to put neosporin on 3x daily and to keep it dry. But I feel like these 2 instructions contradict one another because the spirit make the incision moist. Please, please help me and let me know your professional opinion, or if I need to go to a doctor.

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Mastopexy Implant

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This is not unusual following a mastopexy implant and it will take some time for everything to settle and heal. The crucial thing is that the implant is protected and that you don't develop an infection while the wounds heal. Your PS needs to be aware and advise you accordingly. 

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Post breast lift with augmentation

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Unfortunately the situation you have experienced is not uncommon after Anchor Breast Lifts or Reductions. With time the scar will fade and can be revised when the scar has matured. This separation occurs because the blood supply and tension at the corners of the “T junction”. These wounds contracting where the tissues heal from the outer edges in and are usually just bad luck. Keep following up with a PS near you to be safe. Best wishes.

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