When do I pay the down payment for Invisalign?

I was told there's a initial down payment of $2000. My insurance covers $1500 which leaves a remaining balance of $500. Question is: When do I pay this $500? - The same day the orthodontic office submits the claim to my insurance company? - Or after the office submits and receives from insurance company, THEN I go into the office and pay it? Thank you!

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We usually have the downpayment made upon signing the treatment contract. The Insurance companies do not usually pay out the entire benefit ($1500) in one payment. Once the claim is submitted, there is a special calculation to determine how much is paid "up front" for the initial costs, and how much is paid out over the duration of treatment. Your Orthodontist may require a larger initial payment from you, if not the entire $2000. This is definitely something you can address with the staff who manages the financial issues in the office.

Hope this helps!

Dr. Pam

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