Why is my nipple puffy after breast augmentation? (photos)

I had a breast augmentation done 6 months ago. My results are beautiful and my breasts are soft and settled. The only thing is that for the last month the bottom half of my right nipple is puffy (in like a crescent shape). There is no tenderness, no firmness, and the ultrasound I did came back clear. The area is very soft and I cant feel anything strange in that area. I have attached a comparison of my right and left nipple. It is somewhat difficult to see in photos...

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Puffy nipple six months after breast augmentation.

Thank you for asking about your breast augmentation.

  • I am so glad you are pleased with your breast augmentation apart from this.
  • It seems likely that the puffiness was concealed with swelling and has now become apparent.
  • It seems likely it was present but not  so noticeable before surgery - check your before photos.
  • It can be corrected surgically - but will leave a scar around the areolae.
  • Unless it is something you feel you need to correct, it is easier to leave it alone.

Always see a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon. Best wishes  - Elizabeth Morgan MD PHD FACS

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Possible tendency to tuberous breast

It would be easier to be sure about this with a pre-op view of that breast but I suspect it had a tendency to be slightly tubeous before surgery on that side and in that case the nipple has a tendency to be puffy and come out more after breast augmentation . If your result is otherwise fien I would leave it alone as correction would involve more scarring around the nipple to correct it

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