How long do the side effects of Ultherapy last?

I had Ultherapy performed on my lower face and chin area 9 months ago and after 4 months, my face began changing for the worse. My eyes are sunken in and sad/scary looking, the skin on my lower face and chin area is sagging and unsmooth and my whole face just looks distorted, not like ME anymore. I'm so scared and so worried that this mistake will last a lifetime and I will not be me anymore. Can you please help?

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Ultherapy question

We haven't seen any of our patients have a result like you are reporting.  I'd make sure you return to the physician's office where it was performed and let them assess you and offer recommendations.  Fillers and Sculptra can help with hollowness if that's indicated.  Thanks for your question.

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Ultherapy and Long Term Results

I have never seen a bad outcome from ultherapy in my hands.  Do you have before and after photos?  Vectra imaging?  Results last 1 year, I tell people this is a yearly treatment.  If you feel hollowing then you can use fillers or fat or scuptra to improve it.  Best, Dr. Emer.

Jason Emer, MD
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