What would be the best lip filler strategy for my lips? (Photo)

1/2 syringe? Any brands of lip filler you would recommend? I have asymmetrical lips and would like to correct it. As well as plump them up a bit.

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Asymmetrical Lips

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Lip fillers can be extremely satisfying. Symmetry is desirable, however the asymmetry is often caused not by the volume differential but how you use your mouth. This would have to be assessed at the time of consult. The replacement of volume, plumpness and is used for the balancing of the lips. Great results can be achieved with a good, stable filler such as Emervel Lip by Restylane.  There other great Hyaluronic acid lip fillers, available to experienced doctors, such as Juvederm and Belotera. Usually we want the lower lip to be a little larger than the upper lip. You have beautiful lips, and would probably enjoy a minimal plumping to them as well.

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